On March 30, 2019, over 100 young girls across Massachusetts will be taking part in the 4th Annual Youth Leadership Symposium “I AM WORTH IT” at the Lesley University,  Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

The 4th Annual Youth Leadership Symposium is a full-day event full of personal and professional development workshops that encourages conversation, networking, and team building activities for Middle and High School students.

Our speakers are career driven professionals or successful entrepreneurs who will share stories, teach skills, and help students find the inner confidence to succeed.

All participants will leave the symposium feeling inspired and motivated with a great sense of how they want to MOVE forward in life.


Featuring Opening Speaker


Taylor Moxey is an internationally known entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who turned a forty dollar loan from her parents into a growing empire known as Taylor Moxey, Inc. Under the Taylor Moxey Enterprise, she owns a cupcake company (Taylor the Chef), an inspirational best selling book (The Adventures of Taylor the Chef), a line of motivational daily mantra cards using a play on her last name, affectionally calling them (“Moxivation Cards”). Taylor Moxey also created a foundation to inspire the young generation to become social entrepreneurs using education, empowerment, and endowment.

and Including

Pamela Bardhi
“The Art of Networking: You’re Never Too Young to Start”
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Lindsay Joseph
“Create No Matter What….The Year of the Glow UP!”
Danielle Paez
“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”
Shatara Grimsley
“Girl Power Journey: Embracing the Girl that You Are Today to Love the Woman You’ll Become Tomorrow”
Ayanna Crawford
“Overcoming Peer, Media, and Self-imposed Pressure as a Young Girl”
Brittany Davis-Morris“#LevelUP Your Nutrition and Wellness”