Flyer for Youth Leadership Symposium 2020
On March 28, 2020, over 100 young girls across Massachusetts will be taking part in the 5th Annual Youth Leadership Symposium “Watch Me Glow Up” at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

The 5th Annual Youth Leadership Symposium is a full-day event to learn tools and skills that can further your growth in college development, entrepreneurship and leadership. As a participant, you will get speakers that will motivate you and teach you the skills needed so people can Watch Your GLOW Up. The symposium will be an event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Learn from professional women and young girls who are leading in their industries.

At the symposium, we have an exclusive VIP segment to have an intimate lunch with our young and successful keynote speakers. VIP admission also includes

  • Reserve seating
  • Gift Bag
  • Admission into the SHE B.O.S.S. Academy 2020
  • Lunch with keynote speakers


Who Is This Symposium For

Youth Entrepreneurs

Aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs

Prospect College Students

Middle and High School Students

Youth Community Leaders

Parents of Young Girls

What You’ll Learn

  • How Gabby and Tyla-Simone built their businesses while balancing school
  • Strategies to get finances in order for college
  • Tips and Tricks how to navigate college, in particular, HBCUs
  • How to build a business with not much money
  • The secret to build your network
  • How to advocate for you child at school and communities


Featured Keynote Speakers

Gabrielle Goodwin

Gabrielle Goodwin
Founder of “Gabby Bows”

Tyla Simone Crayton

Tyla Simone Crayton
Founder and CEO of “Sienna Sauce”


Courtney Boston
2020 Youth Symposium Emcee

Kalilah Wright
CEO, Mess in a Bottle


Veronica N. Chapman
Author & CEO, Boxxout Enterprises