HBCU Tour 2019

April 14 – 20, 2019


Why HBCU’s?

The purpose of the tour is to Expose, Educate, and Empower young girls to expand their options before finalizing their college selection. We want to offer them access to higher education institutions outside of Massachusetts and be able to make a solid and informed decision when they narrow down their top choices. Additionally, the young girls will have the opportunity to visit schools rooted with culture and rich in tradition. These are some of the country’s finest institutions who have graduated notable men and woman of black excellence.

HBCUs are known for graduating top students in a variety of disciplines such as medicine, engineering, nursing, and business.  According to research by Brookings, “HBCUs are doing a better job than the average post-secondary institution, in terms of vaulting lowest-income kids into the top quintile as adults.”

Goals and Projected Outcomes

For our first tour, we are taking twenty-four (24) high school sophomores and juniors to see the following colleges and universities:

  • Morgan State University
  • Coppin State University

  • Deleware State University
  • Howard University
  • Norfolk State University

  • Hampton University
  • Bowie State University

In addition to the institutions, the students will visit cultural attractions in Maryland and the District of Columbia (D.C.).  Youth from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will come together, explore colleges, and build a support group among each other. During this road trip, the young girls will learn tips on how to fill out college and scholarship applications, they will connect with college admission officers and take part in classes, and most importantly have FUN!