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SHE B.O.S.S. Academy is an intensive program designed to give young girls in 7-10th grades an overview of the business entrepreneurship industry. Through our cutting-edge curriculum, students will be mentored on how to successfully start a business from the ground floor up, have the opportunity to operate that business, and earn cash for the summer.

Class participants will:

  • Create an original name for their business,
  • Create a logo;
  • Create a slogan; and
  • Create a mission statement.

In the program, the participants will learn computer programs that will assist them when designing documents such as business cards, price lists, advertisements, and a website for their new business. Participants will devise a grand opening event to debut their products for sale.

The curriculum was designed so that other local women entrepreneurs will take part in camp sessions (in-person or via Zoom) to speak about their personal experience with creating a business. In our previous year, we had Liz Miranda, State Representative, to be our entrepreneur-in-residence which she did a phenomenal job. Liz along with Katia Powell, Founder of Black Girls Nutrition were co-producers to help jumpstart the program.

We have also partnered with banking professionals who will discuss their expertise regarding financing a business. With these components, the participants will have a wealth of knowledge about business and entrepreneurship.

On the last day of the program, the “youngpreneurs” will present their business idea to a panel of local entrepreneurs. Additionally, we know youngpreneurs should learn self-care that is why we collaborated with health & wellness practitioners who will help them to meditate, exercise, and learn about good foods to get them energized.

Participation in this hands-on opportunity will give class participants a real feel experience. They will walk away understanding what it is to plan, start, and operate a business of their own. Upon successful finishing the program, each student will be awarded a certificate of completion and a check of their earnings.

We are excited to nourish the talents of your youngpreneur, and we know this journey will only launch her business further ahead.


Applications for Summer 2020 will open in April.